Journey to his first produced track – Interview with Joel Hunt

Joel Hunt, a musician and producer from Hull has had a crazy month since the first released track he produced was put out into the world, and I managed to catch him and chat to him about the mastermind behind the production side of the project, and his life leading up to it.

1)What’s your favourite thing about what you do?

My favourite thing about being both a musician and a producer is that I get to work on my own tracks and produce them exactly how I want them, I love the control I have over my own music and the creative freedom to be as experimental as I want. But it isn’t just my own music, I have worked with multiple artists on their tracks, not just having an input on the production side but also the music. For example, changing chord sequences or adding dissonance in certain parts where the track needs it etc.

2)Have you got any regrets about anything you’ve done in your music journey?

My music journey has been short as I have only been producing tracks for about a year, (with prior experience to this) and been playing piano for 4 years. The only regret I have is not learning music theory at the beginning of my music journey. If I’d have done this earlier, it’d have been so helpful as its such a slow start learning an instrument and theory is such an important part of music which is what most people don’t realise.

3)What made you think “this is what I’m gonna do”? Was there a eureka moment?

My first eureka moment at the start of my music journey happened when I decided I wanted to learn piano. I had always been musical growing up and decided to learn piano after going to the music room with my mates and feeling a bit left out being the only one who doesn’t play an instrument. The piano had always caught my eye and I just thought, yeah why not I’m going to learn piano; and I did, I’ve been playing ever since for 4 years self-taught, and it was the best thing I have ever done in my life.

4)Do you find it hard balancing music and personal life?

My whole life has always revolved around music from a young age, I’m even named after Billy Joel which is kind of ironic. I’ve never found it difficult to balance music and my personal life cause music has always been my life and it always will be.

5)What’s your goals for the next 5 years? Where do you see yourself?

My main goal for the next 5 years is releasing my own music after having an EP stored away that I’ve always wanted to release but had never been able to. I’m hoping to release it while I’m at university for the next 3 years but until them I’m just working on producing people’s tracks and getting my name out there as a producer. I’m hoping to get back into gigging cause I’ve always loved performing and can’t wait to be performing my own songs in front of a crowd one day.

6) If you could tell yourself something 5 years ago what would you say?

I would say (in all capitals) to GO LEARN MUSIC THOERY.

7) If you could only do performance or only do production what would you pick?

I think I would rather choose production more than anything because it interests me the most, I love recording songs and producing them. There’s something amazing about working on a song for a month on Ableton then seeing it released on all platforms. Its just such a buzz that doesn’t seem to match when I do a performance. Don’t get me wrong I love performing but production would always win out of the two.

8)If you could change anything about the industry what would you change?

If I could change anything about the industry I’d make it more about talent, show of rising artists that have made it from nothing rather than artists that their dads bought them into the industry. The industry seems less about talent now and more about who knows who. It’s a shame really because there are so many amazing artists that never make it into the industry just because they don’t know anybody in the industry.

9) If you didn’t become a musician what would you be doing rn?

If I didn’t become a musician id probably have signed up for the police, it has always been a back up for me and interests me. Although not as much as music does so for now, I’m going to see how this music stuff goes for now then see where it takes me. If not, I always have the police as a backup.

10) What’s your favourite lyric you’ve ever wrote

My favourite lyric I have ever wrote is this “who are you to her, her weapon or her lover”. These lyrics alone gave me the inspiration I needed to write a song about domestic abuse in a relationship which is a sensitive topic, but it’s always been meaningful to me, I just needed to write a song about it. This song doesn’t exist yet, so this is your taster.

11) You can only listen to one song for the rest of your life, which one is it?

If I could only listen to one song for the rest of my life it would be Isohel by EDEN. I’ve always loved EDEN as an artist and has inspired me a lot in my music. This song refers to a geography term which is an invisible line on a map that leads to two places on a map with the same level of sunlight. This is such a creative metaphor to write about, especially when it’s put in the context of love. I this this one lyric sums up this entire song “if invisible lines lead your way back to me, walk the line”. He also speaks French in the end of the song which is just beautiful. It’s such an amazing song and would have to be my choice.

Joel produced and featured instrumentally on Amelia Quinn’s new single ‘Angel’, here’s a sneak peak into behind the scenes of the amazing debut track.

12) how long did it take from the initial songwriting process to the finish producing?

The lyrics were officially wrote by Amelia Quinn, which is also the same for the chords, when I first heard her sing the song was at a college gig and was played on guitar. Originally it was piano and guitar, but it was changed extremely last minute as we decided it didn’t need it. The song took about 6 weeks to record and produce, the recording process took about 2 weeks to record everything, but we kept going back to the studio to change things we weren’t so keen on.

13) What’s the main thing you’ve learnt from the process?

The main thing I learnt from producing ‘Angel’ was to not rush things. It was the main reason we kept going back into the studio to change parts for the vocals or the piano etc. Since this I have been more careful and patient with producing as you will never get the finished product you desire if you are running on a time constraint.

14) What’s your favourite lyric from the new song?

‘What did I do to deserve you’ is probably my favourite lyric from the song because it is the main message in the entire song. The song in about Amelia’s friends being angels so I wanted to have that lyric repeat throughout the song to show that this is what the song is about.

Joel puts his heart and soul into music, and it’s reflected in his work, we can’t wait to see what the future has in hold for him and you can see too by following his socials

Joel’s Instagram: Joel.huntt

Photography credit: Celestem.jpeg

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